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Hands Holding Each Other
Hands Holding Hands

We successfully treat families, couples and individuals
whose problems resist common efforts and approaches.

We teach and inspire therapists 
who seek a creative approach that works.


MRI Family Therapy Center provides psychotherapy services for families, couples and individuals. We use the best principles and practices of strength-based, humanistic and strategic therapy. We build a strong alliance with our clients and focus on exploring and encouraging the use of an interactional approach to further understand and effectively resolve human problems involving families, couples and other social organizations.

MRI Family Therapy Center trains current and future therapists in the practice of strength-based, humanistic and strategic therapy through a combination of courses, group and individual case consultations, and intensive supervision based on real-time observation of sessions. Our therapists are associates working under the supervision of clinical supervisors with a combined experience of over 50 years in providing psychotherapy services. 

MRI Family Therapy Center is located within walking distance of downtown Palo Alto. MRI is the West Coast birthplace of family therapy. Our strength-based, humanistic and strategic therapy is based on the work of pioneers in the fields of anthropology, communications and systems theory in the 1960’s and has further been evolved and refined ever since. 

MRI Family Therapy Center works with private-pay clients and clients referred by the San Mateo County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services. See Rates and Insurance for more information.

To schedule an initial appointment or if you have questions, see our Contact Us page.