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Hands Holding Hands

Services Provided

We work with individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents with a variety of problems, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, phobias, marital conflict, stress, eating disorders, oppositional and conduct disorder.

We are flexible and adapt our strength-based, humanistic and strategic approach to your situation. Depending on your desire and the nature of the problem, others who can be involved in the solutions might be asked to participate in session. At the start of treatment, or as treatment progresses, we might invite everybody in the family system to work together to solve problems. At other times, we might work with a subset of the family, such as a parent or both parents. When working with adults and adolescents, we sometimes include parents, grand-parents, siblings or partners in therapy as appropriate.

To schedule an initial appointment or if you have questions, see our Contact Us page.